A little about us.

At Company, we love the mountains. They bring us joy and peace, and coincidentally, snowboarding. And that's what we're all about - great times in the mountains, with the best snowboards. No compromise on specs and clean designs. Simply put, just really nice planet friendly products, done with style.

Welcome. You're in good Company.


A project born from the love of the mountains and a passion for snowboarding.


High performance, high fun, low impact.


Originally Sage Snowboards, Company was created from a project first realised in a basement. The cores have stayed true to their roots, focusing on natural materials, simplicity and sustainability in a beautiful hand crafted package.


Powder friendly goods.

Crafting quality snowboards, simply for the joys of snowboarding.

While doing our bit to protect our winters.

It makes sense to us that boards designed for the depths of winter do their part in preserving it. Whether offsetting production, using performance boosting natural materials or planting trees, making planet friendly boards is our most basic standard and is at the heart of everything we do. More care in our boards and more care for our winters.

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