We make our boards with durability in mind and the materials we use lend themselves to this but there is only so much we can do on our end. In caring for the environments we ride in, we should care for our products to make them last. Looking after your board is an important part of this.
Scratches, chips and marks are all a part of snowboarding. We like to think they tell a story unique to each board. But look after your board properly and it will last you a lifetime. Wax your base regularly, like once a week regularly. Keep your board somewhere dry, and keep rust away by making sure your edges are dry when you store it. Not one for maintenance or simply don’t have the time? We’ll do it for you.
The ‘Better with Company’ service includes waxing your base, tuning your edges (however you like) and touching up or repairing any damage where we can for the lifetime of the board. Failing that our warranty and replacement policy will keep you covered.