Company Finds is our collection of reworked mid & outerwear. It's our effort to take a step away from the world of fast fashion and push for a more sustainable clothing industry.
You can find the collection here.
By buying used garments and upcycling them, we can reduce the items carbon, waste and water footprint by 82%. And whatever it is, it's likely to have been kept out of the 73% of clothing that goes straight into landfill. 
Our original clothing collection was made with the planet in mind but didn't quite hit the mark. With Finds, we've stopped our demand for new material completely, reduced transport and cut manufacturing to a single seamstress. 
We also back each piece with lifetime repair so you get even more out of the things you already own. Buying responsibly is one of the best things we can do for our planet and upcycled goods are a great place to start.