Sustainability is a standard, not a luxury. While it is a big part of our company and how we like to do things, it shouldn't be that special. We aren't the first brand to be actively sustainable (far from it) but we believe if that we are going to be making something new, it should, by default, be sustainable. Here's what we do:Sustainability doesn’t just mean using natural or recycled materials. We've tried to make every stage of our boards life as responsible as possible. Snowboarding allows people to appreciate nature it in an incredible way. Being sustainable now will help preserve the resources and environment we have, and allow future generations, and ourselves, to continue enjoying what we all love. It’s now more important than ever.



We've chosen to dedicate our lives to snowboarding. It's an easy choice. We also know that its not the best thing for the planet, but we are trying our best to make our involvement with it as responsible and sustainable as possible.

We don’t think we can be completely green and completely harmless without giving up snowboarding all together, but we do believe there is a balance and a way to keep doing what we and so many others live for as responsibly as possible. We’re still a new company so we will be evolving with new technologies and materials to reach our goals of being climate neutral and as eco friendly as we can be.