We use as many natural materials in our boards as possible to replace those that take more of a toll on the planet. And not just to be eco friendly. We've chosen materials that actually enhance the performance of our boards compared to the standard choices. Here's what we use:

While we would love to be nothing but natural with our boards, we also want them to be the best they can be. For example, using only flax reinforcement isn't perfect and would affect the form, long term performance, and longevity of the boards. Not acceptable.

So, instead of keeping it all flax and taking the hit, we’ve considered all stages of a board’s life cycle and introduced carbon fibre to prolong the life of the board, and add some really nice features (light, stiff and poppy as anything). If your board lasts for longer, you won't need to replace it as soon and we save some of Earth's resources. Everyone’s a winner. 

Even with carbon, we’ve still managed to reduce the amount of ‘non-natural’ materials in our boards, and it just so happens, carbon and flax are the perfect pairing, like cheese and wine.